Plus Licens is an independent licensing agency, working with recognizable brands across multiple product categories. For over four decades, we have worked with partners to create successful products for hundreds of brands. We have experience building a brand from the ground up, as well as invigorating well-established brands wanting to take on a new segment or market.

Whether you are a licensee looking for a new brand to push into your category of expertise, or a licensor looking to maximize your brand’s potential, we have the expertise and experience needed to assist you through every step of this journey.

We have experience of working with a wide range of partners from suppliers of apparel and accessories, publishers, toy manufacturers, retailers, departments stores, fashion brands and more.​

Whatever the product or brand, we have experience making it a success on our markets.


  • We track, visit, and exhibit at local and international trade shows.
  • We build lasting relationships with organizations, individuals ​and properties – setting standards in our region​.
  • We invest in brand knowledge & marketing​.


When working with a licensee we provide end-to-end support throughout the entire licensing process. By licensing any of the brands that Plus Licens represents, your products will make use of an instant, established, and exciting brand awareness and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Licensing with Plus Licens opens new market and growth opportunities, as well as new target groups that you can target with your other products.


  • We maximize revenue through fast, accurate coordination and communication on all levels​.
  • We use our well-established network to conduct trendspotting,      site inspections, store checks, and retail activation activities               on multiple markets.
  • Build DTR relationships with key retailers​.
  • Initiate and co-ordinate marketing and retail activities.


When working with a licensor we develop opportunities that create growth in line with the brand’s goals.

With our vast experience and well-established network in multiple industries and markets, we can strategically identify exciting and profitable partnerships, collaborations, and market activities.


  • We build, support and maintain properties for the long term​.
  • We have enthusiastic, dedicated, and highly experienced teams​ across Europe.
  • We identify and recruit partners to build commercially viable licensed consumer product programs on global, regional, and local levels, delivering exposure and significant revenue to brand owners​.