New property – Dino Ranch

29 Mar 2022

Plus Licens has acquired the representation for the smash hit series Dino Ranch (52 x 11’ 3D animation). The series follows the adventures of the Cassidy family as they tackle life on their Dino Ranch in a fantastical, “prewestoric” setting where all kinds of dinosaurs roam.

The series has seen incredible continuous success, which it has maintained in Canada and the U.S. since its premiere in 2021. Its premiere in the Nordics came in 2021, on DR (Denmark), NRK (Norway), and SVT (Sweden). YLE (Finland) will begin airing on April 17, and a free TV launch is planned for TVP (Poland) in September. The second season is set to premiere in winter 2022/2023 and a third season has already been commissioned.

The series’ popularity is solidified by its online presence. The official Dino Ranch Youtube channel has over 141,000 subscribers and a total of 107 million views, all within a year of launching. The toy distributor for the Nordics is PROXY. Global master toy partner Jazwares is launching a toy range in fall 2022.

Dino Ranch’s extensive licensing program includes opportunities for various publishing formats which are available to source for local languages. Opportunities also include apparel, toys, and more.

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