New license: Bored of Directors NFTs

9 Aug 2022

Plus Licens is excited to present new, red-hot licensing opportunities for Bored of Directors NFTs. Bored of Directors is a collective of multiple Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Currently, the collective consists of 11 unique, sought-after NFTs that can be licensed across multiple product categories.

Plus Licens is the licensing agent for Bored of Directors through Brand Central LLC/NFIP Holdings LLC covering EEA and Turkey. Bored of Directors is a great spin-off of the original Bored Ape brand. In 2021, the apes took the internet and the world by storm. Celebrities and collectors quickly labeled them as “must-have” NFTs. As a result, these apes are very recognizable and somewhat of a modern pop-culture phenomenon.

The collective will add more apes to its ranks in the future. Each ape has its own vibrant and unique look, which makes them instantly recognizable. All apes also have their own unique and intriguing personalities and backstories. A fully detailed style guide is also available, ready for immediate use.

Visit the Bored of Directors’ official website to learn more about the apes, and check out some of the official gear!

This is the perfect opportunity if you’re interested in licensing this viral NFT collective. A phenomenon spurned on by the original Bored Apes, these apes are continuing to make waves on the internet. Get in contact with our sales staff at, or find the respective sales reps’ information here.

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