2022 Mölkky World Championship – what a party!

31 Aug 2022

The Mölkky World Championship continues to grow in popularity! 💪 

August 20 – 21 saw the 17th edition of the Mölkky World Championship taking place. In true Mölkky fashion, the whole weekend was a party! The setting was perfect, with the beautiful scenery of Samoëns situated in the French Alps. 168 teams consisting of almost 800 players from 17 countries competed for the coveted title. People from all over the world came together to compete in a total of 1628 games. Sipping on a local beer, in the beautiful landscape, people enjoyed the good times that Mölkky is all about. 

Congratulations to Team Lokki from Finland who came out victorious, with a French and a Czech team finishing second and third respectively. In 2023 the Mölkky World Championship will be held in Finland, whilst being hosted outside of Europe for the first time in 2024, in Japan. Additionally, multiple continental championships will be held in Europe and Asia, continuing Mölkky’s rise as a hugely popular competitive sport.

Check out this fan-made video from an Italian team’s experience of the championships, and all the fun they had along the way.

Mölkky’s offers a great combination of fun and competitiveness. Whilst also being so easy to learn, it has become a natural go-to outdoor game for groups of friends to enjoy.

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