Hang Ten partners with Plus Licens

7 Feb 2023

Stockholm, Sweden, February 15, 2023 – The iconic California lifestyle brand Hang Ten is back on the European licensing scene. The brand has appointed Plus Licens as its European licensing agent.

Founded in 1960 in Seal Beach, California by surf legends Duke Boyd and Doris Moore, Hang Ten has since represented the surf lifestyle of the West Coast all around the world. More than just a brand, it became synonymous with the lifestyle in the 60s through appearances in magazines and on TV. Today, the surfing lifestyle has extended beyond the surfing community to become a mainstream, popular lifestyle.

Since creating the first surf shorts in the 60s, Hang Ten has championed young amateur surfers around the world. In turn, it has professionalized the sport and earned a special place in the hearts of surfers the world over.

“The classic range of board shorts, shirts, and other accessories from Hang Ten has come to symbolize the surf-centric lifestyle of the West Coast all over the world. Hang Ten’s vision is to be a globally diversified brand. We’re excited to partner with Plus Licens to help the brand establish a strong European presence across multiple categories,” says Marc Setton, CEO of Hang Ten USA.


Since 1960, Hang Ten apparel has been worn on the beach, in the water, in the park - any place, any time.

California lifestyle

Hang Ten is an authentic, California lifestyle brand that radiates a fun and free-spirited coastal attitude.

The First Boardshort

The first pair of Hang Ten boardshorts were designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear of the ocean.


By embodying “a coastal state of mind”, Hang Ten has been winning over the hearts and minds of consumers for more than 60 years.

“We’re thrilled to enter the lifestyle scene with Hang Ten, a brand with a strong legacy that is ready to expand into Europe. We aim to contribute to further international growth and put the Hang Ten feet on the map,” says Maria Örnryd, Brand Director at Plus Licens.

Plus Licens represents Hang Ten for merchandising rights in Europe. The extensive licensing program offers comprehensive styleguides, including various graphics, logos, and print assets.

What does Hang Ten mean?

  • The name comes from the surfing maneuver where the surfer stands at the edge of the surfboard with the toes curled over, performing a so-called “nose ride”.
  • Paired with the globally recognized feet that came to be the brand’s trademark, the term was a perfect name to solidify its legacy.

The global footprint

  • Today, there are over 880 Hang Ten stores across the Americas and Asia.

Maria Örnryd

Brand Director

Malin Jähde Holm

Category Head Softlines & Retail

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