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25 Jan 2023

Some interesting Paddington facts
Some interesting Paddington facts
Some interesting Paddington facts
Paddington taking a nap
Some interesting Paddington facts
Some interesting Paddington facts
Some interesting Paddington facts






Looking ahead to what’s in store for our favorite bear in the future, Paddington fans can rejoice in the fact that the third installment in Paddington’s film franchise is set to hit theaters worldwide in 2024.

The franchise, which has become the biggest non-studio family franchise of all time, generating approximately $500M at the box office, saw Paddington (2014) and Paddington 2 (2017) met with positive receptions from fans and critics alike.

The TV series ‘The Adventures of Paddington’, which airs on Free TV and streaming platforms worldwide such as Nickelodeon, Nick JR, Netflix, Hulu, Gulli, Rai, and Disney+, has been lauded since the first episode aired in 2020.

Season 1 (2020/21), and season 2 (2021/22), are set to be followed by the third season in spring 2023.







Paddington from the movies
The Adventures of Paddington
Paddington Post Stamp featuring a pidgeon

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking her 70 years of service.

To celebrate the remarkable milestone, Queen Elizabeth pre-recorded a video with Paddington to mark the start of the Platinum Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace. The skit featured a tea party between the Queen and Paddington. A heartwarming moment that took the world by surprise!

The Queen’s passing on September 8 deeply affected many people. Pictures of people in mourning at Buckingham Palace and elsewhere spread all over the world, featuring Paddington plush kindly attached to the palace’s gate in honor of the Queen’s special bond with the famous character.

More than 1,000 Paddington plush and toys were given as tributes to The Queen, with The Royal Family now choosing to donate them all to the children’s charity Barnardo’s, where Paddington can spread joy and kindness to the children that need it most.

Paddington's favorite condiment - marmalade
Paddington and The Queen
Paddington's favorite meal - a sandwich!
Paddington on Twitter
Paddington on Twitter

#Paddington goes viral

Paddington's account reached 14M people with two tweets, gaining 45,000 new followers to a total of 433,000.

Over 34,000 tweets about Paddington and the Queen were tweeted by 27,000 people - reaching more than 500M people on Twitter across 146 countries.

On his own, Paddington's account reached 90M people in 2022.

Instagram & Facebook
Instagram & Facebook

Paddington is loveable

The Paddington channels' own four posts reached 400,000 people organically.

771,000 posts were tagged with #Paddington.

The official Paddington accounts have an amazing and loyal fanbase, with over 130,000 followers on Instagram and a total of 730,000 followers on Facebook pages. Paddington content brings joy and is loved by fans across the globe.

Paddington on TikTok
Paddington on TikTok

The internet ❤️ Paddington & the Queen

Videos with hashtags of the Queen and Paddington together were very popular and gained over 200M views. Paddington's own hashtag has gained over 220M views in the first 24h after the Jubilee concert aired.

Paddington on Youtube
Paddington on Youtube

What a comedic duo!

The Queen and Paddington's skit, where they chat and share a cup of tea, was adorned by people worldwide, gaining 2M views on its first day on Youtube and over 20M in total. With more than 210M views to date and earning millions of views and thousands of subscribers each month, it's safe to say that Youtube loves Paddington.


Driving home the success

The Queen's Jubilee Celebrations, including her skit with Paddington, drew BBC's largest audience of the year thus far peaking at 13.5M live viewers.

The Paddington Happy Meal
The first ever Paddington™ Happy Meal® launched in the summer of 2022 with the “I Believe Bears…” campaign.

Children could choose between ten different Paddington toys in various outfits or two books from Harper Collins, based on the TV series The Adventures of Paddington.

The promotion ran throughout all McDonald’s stores in the UK and Ireland from 29 June to 2 August 2022.

The campaign introduced a diverse and inclusive range of aspirational and imaginative Paddington toys to motivate children to believe in themselves and in Paddington’s power of kindness!

Paddington Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

The Copyrights Group has partnered with Brigit’s Bakery to launch the Paddington Afternoon Tea Bus Tour, taking families on a sightseeing tour of London aboard a double-decker Routemaster bus.

Whilst Paddington and Mrs. Bird guide guests to some of London’s most famous landmarks, families can enjoy a Paddington-themed afternoon tea including Paddington cookies, freshly baked scones, marmalade sandwiches, and a Paddington travel cup to take home.

Brigit’s Bakery
Paddington x Barbour - 2022 Christmas Campaign

Paddington & Barbour for Christmas

The success of the 2021 Christmas campaign with the iconic British lifestyle brand Barbour saw a repeat in 2022. Yet another heart-warming Christmas film was produced, showcasing the importance of kindness around Christmastime. In the film, Paddington gifts his grumpy neighbor Mr. Curry a Barbour Re-loved jacket which has been returned to Barbour and lovingly repaired and re-waxed, promoting Barbour’s circularity initiative.

Once again, Paddington is showing us how to take care not only of each other but also of our dear planet.

Both ads featuring a unique animation of Peggy Fortnum’s illustrations, in 2021 and 2022, saw more than 20M views during the festive period.


P&Co.Ltd./SC 2022
Paddington is a UNICEF ambassador

Global UNICEF Partnership

Since 2017, Paddington has helped UNICEF raise funds for children in need around the world. This successful and important work has seen Paddington connect with children all over the world, teaching them the importance of being kind and tolerant.

Paddington’s Postcards, a unique subscription program is exceptionally successful and allows families who sign up as monthly donors to receive personalized postcards and educational packs from Paddington. In these postcards, Paddington speaks of how children around the world live, and additional educational content such as stickers makes this a fun learning experience!

Fundraising success

The partnership has raised more than $10M for children all over the world.

Educational products

Includes Paddington Parcels (UK), the Go Blue Campaign (WW), Paddington World Run (WW), Paddington’s Postcards (WW), and Paddington’s Advent Calendar (WW).

Paddington's Postcards

Available in 4 languages and 7 territories including the UK, with more countries soon to be added, such as Sweden and Canada.







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