Care Bears’ viral success! 🎉

Apr 28, 2022

Care Bears viral TikTok success comes after the newly released makeup collection with cosmetics brand Wet n Wild. The collection has been a massive success, selling incredibly well across channels such as Walmart and Amazon.

The lively and colorful Care Bears makeup has proven to be perfect for social media. Fans can be seen sharing content across platforms, as evidenced by the hashtag #carebearmakeup receiving over 4.5 million views on TikTok so far. The colorful characteristics of the Care Bears are reflected in the collection that consists of lip gloss, face jewels, press-on nails, and much more. To add to the craze that is currently surrounding this newly released Care Bears collection, fans are even using the makeup to look like Care Bears. The cute and cuddly look of the Care Bears are reaching a new generation of fans through new mediums, proving the ability of the Care Bears brand to carry over its brand values to new platforms.

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