Bluey’s popularity rises 🔵

1 Dec 2022

Everybody’s favorite blue heeler is capturing the hearts of kids and parents all over the world – here’s a quick look at how Bluey is performing:

• Season 2 is dubbed and airs on Disney Jr and Disney+ (SVOD) across Europe. Season 3 also launched on Disney+ in August 2022 and on Disney Junior in November 2022.

• Free TV airings on SVT Sweden, DR Denmark, LTV Latvia, RUV Iceland, and HRT Croatia, with more to come. 2022 has seen season 2 launch on SVT in Sweden in October, and on DR in Denmark in November.

• Toys have launched and are selling very well in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Smyk in Poland are seeing a great sell-through. Additionally, Norway’s set out to launch toys this year.

• Danish publisher Gyldendal has some great activities for Bluey at the book fair ‘Bogforum’ in Copenhagen in November, which included the costume characters and the selling of toys.

• Costume character meet & greet appearances managed by Showagent are hugely popular in the Nordics. They bring Bluey and her fans together and give them the opportunity to meet their favorite blue heeler!

• Other categories are off to a great start with Skybrands recently launching bed sets at BR in Denmark. Additionally, Euromic has launched water bottles, toys, bath toys, and lunch boxes in Sweden and Finland.

• Bluey is hugely popular on Disney and the CBeebies channel and remains the #1 title in terms of reach on CBeebies and on Disney Jr in Q3 ’22.

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