A bear for everyone – Paddington Everybear 🐻

11 Mar 2022

Paddington has charmed the world ever since he appeared in Michael Bond’s first book in 1958. Since then, Paddington books have sold over 35 million copies worldwide, become the most successful family movie franchise of all time, and the award-winning pre-school TV series The Adventures of Paddington which premiered in 2019, has a third season in development.

To bring Paddington closer to all audiences, a new characterization of Paddington was created – The Everybear. The Everybear is Paddington embracing his heritage whilst including his present looks to better meet the future.

Paddington Everybear is not limited to any book, movie, or TV version of him. Through a new set of expressive and engaging poses, Paddington Everybear offers licensees new opportunities and variations for creating unique design treatments in 2D full color and black and white that are easy to work with and apply on products. The art is particularly well suited for FMCG and softlines products.

As Paddington’s adventures continue in various media, Paddington Everybear will remain a recognizable icon and continue to spread his positive messages.

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